Five Things to Know Before You Pack Your Bags for a Holiday in Bangkok

Bangkok is a melting pot of visual delights, interesting sights and exotic aromas. It is a city with infinite layers that visitors need to explore and find out its hidden secrets. Those planning a trip to Bangkok should know a few things before packing their bags for an exhilarating holiday in this city.

1. Vaping – Visitors Are Not Allowed to Vape

Vaping is illegal in Thailand; if the police find someone using a vaping device, they could be fined and there’s a maximum ten-year sentence.

2. Travel Insurance – Cover Yourself Against Travel Risks

Holidaymakers should take out travel insurance that covers their full range of activities such as scuba diving. It is also important because it can help visitors in case of any unexpected medical costs while enjoying their holiday. Additionally, travel insurance provides protection against currency fluctuations; although the visitor’s policy will be paid for in Thailand currency, all claims will be incurred in foreign currencies.

3. Packing – What to Pack for Bangkok?

Visitors will have their shoes off most of the time while in Bangkok. So instead of wasting time undoing the laces of their strappy sandals or hiking boots ever time, visitors should pack breathable, slip-on shoes. Even outside of the usual rainy season (May to October), it can rain anytime in Bangkok. Between moto-taxi rides and hikes with elephants, visitors should carry rain jackets and rainy flies for their bags. Other things to bring include warm weather clothes and a bathing suit or quick-dry towel since there will be many opportunities to go swimming in Bangkok.

4. Travel Cubes – Make Unpacking and Packing Easy

Whatever backpack a visitor decides to travel with, they should invest in some travel cubes. This will make it easy when it comes to packing and unpacking and save them a tremendous amount of time plus hassle.

5. Document Scans – Take Photos of Important Documents

Visitors can use their smartphones to take pictures of their important documents, including insurance, credit cards and passport, and save them to their email account. This will ensure that they have copies of these documents in case they lose them. Here is a website showing the map of Bangkok:

Holidaymakers who want to travel to Bangkok for a holiday should make sure they book accommodation earlier. Lancaster Bangkok offers the best experience in terms of warmth and hospitality.

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