All about Moles in summer

Some of the moles some of us have in our bodies are entirely harmless. When you expose some moles to the sun, cancer risk is presented. Before going out for sunbathing, you need to carry out mole checks on your body. 

How to check moles that might be dangerous?

It is important to consult your specialist to determine the type of mole and the risk it may present. When carrying out mole checks, look for:

• Color: uneven mole such that it has different shades of brown, pink and black.

• Asymmetry: shape may differ in the two halves of the areas.

• Diameter: if the size, diameter or shape changes from the 6mm in diameter for most melanomas, you need to contact your doctor.

• Border Notches may be seen as well as blurred or irregular edges of the area.

Mole treatment options

Removal of a mole may be done via:

• Excisional biopsy: A scalpel or punch device is used to remove the whole lesion and a small bit of the healthy skin.

• Shave excision: around and under the mole is cut using a small blade after you have been injected with a local anaesthetic, thus leaving a flat wound

You are not advised to carry out the mole removal alone because it may lead to other risks. A specialist is recommended to take care of that process due to professionalism.

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